Amr E Edris

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Essential oils and their volatile constituents are used widely to prevent and treat human disease. The possible role and mode of action of these natural products is discussed with regard to the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis and thrombosis, as well as their bioactivity as antibacterial, antiviral,(More)
  • M Kezunovic, A Abur, A Edris, D Sobajic
  • 2001
T THE DEREGULATION OF THE electric utility industry combined with development of advanced technology has raised many questions as how to make the power system operation more cost effective while preserving a high level of reliability and security. The utilities are developing different strategies for achieving this goal, enabling them to stay competitive.(More)
  • M Kezunovic, A Edris, D Sevcik, J Ciufo, A Sabouba
  • 2006
Monitoring of substation equipment performance and maintenance needs is typically met with test devices that are brought to a substation and data is collected manually. This paper introduces a new concept where this process is performed through an on-line data acquisition and processing solution. This is accomplished by utilizing substation automation(More)
  • M Kezunovic, B Matic-Cuka, A Edris
  • 2008
The paper discusses how the data integration and information exchange concept implemented in an ongoing EPRI project may be extended for the enterprise-wide uses. The ongoing project has developed several applications for automated analysis of substation data recorded by Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). As a result, data is converted to information(More)
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