Amr Ageez

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When the female plant of Silene latifolia is infected with the smut fungus Microbotryum violaceum, its rudimentary stamens develop into anthers which contain fungus teliospores instead of pollen. To identify genes required for maturation of anthers in S. latifolia, we performed a cDNA subtraction approach with healthy male buds and female buds infected with(More)
Silene latifolia is a dioecious plant in which sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes. Expression of the B-function gene SLM2, an ortholog of PISTILLATA (PI) in Arabidopsis, was examined by in situ hybridization. SLM2 was not expressed in suppressed stamens of female flowers, but was expressed in developing stamens of smut-infected female flowers. These(More)
Homeodomain leucine zipper (HD-Zip) genes encode transcription factors that are characterized by both a homeodomain and a leucine zipper motif. Two HD-Zip genes were isolated from cDNA of the male flower bud of the dioecious plant Silene latifolia. The two isolated genes, SlHDL1 and SlHDL2, encode proteins with the characteristics of HD-Zip transcription(More)
Polyamines (PAs) are polybasic aliphatic amines that are ubiquitous in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. It is believed that PAs play important roles in cell division, embryogenesis, floral and fruit development, root formation and defense against environmental stress including biotic and abiotic stresses. It has been well documented that PAs are(More)
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