Amr Abd El-Rhman El-Banna

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Fusarium solani var. coeruleum can form deoxynivalenol in potato tubers and in liquid medium, although concentrations observed in the rot were highly variable; acetyldeoxynivalenol and HT-2 toxin were detected in 1 to 3 tubers only (of 57). Trichothecenes were also detected in a very few (3 of 20) cultures of Fusarium sambucinum in potato tubers.
Male and female Chalcides ocellatus were gonadectomized and cold acclimated at 15 degrees for 1 week. Lizards were injected with testosterone and estradiol, and their oxygen consumption was determined at 15 degrees. Testosterone and estradiol caused a significant increase in the whole body rate of oxygen consumption in male and female lizards, respectively.
To determine the effective time of indomethacin (Id) action in disrupting early pregnancy, groups of rabbits were treated at various stages after mating with Id and/or replacement doses of PGF2 alpha. Effect of Id on the secretion of uterine proteins was also investigated. The highest rate of embryonic death occurred when Id was injected twice daily during(More)
Acutely administered thyroxine caused significant increase in the whole body rate of oxygen consumption of C. ocellatus at temperatures between 4 and 25 degrees C. No significant increase in the oxygen consumption was observed over the voluntary body temperature range of 30-40 degrees C.
An attempt was made to isolate yeast strains from different sources (flowers, trees exudates, fruits and cheese) which have a fast growth rate and high content of carotenoids. Seventy cultures of pigmented yeast were isolated. Forty six yeast isolates were selected and identified by simplified identification method which showed that all isolates belong to(More)
Foodborne viruses, particularly human norovirus (NV) and hepatitis virus type A, are a cause of concern for public health making it necessary to explore novel and effective techniques for prevention of foodborne viral contamination, especially in minimally processed and ready-to-eat foods. This study aimed to determine the antiviral activity of a probiotic(More)