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Ectopic fascioliasis (EF) has direct and indirect effects on both humans and animals. The phenomenon of EF was individual cases in the period from 1950 up to the end of last century. From the period of 2000 up to 2006, plenty of researches were on EF in the developed and undeveloped countries. Nineteen EF cases infected with the immature and few with the(More)
Three spirurid nematode species have been collected from Egyptian rodents in Giza province. Streptopharagus kuntzi was collected from stomach and small intestine of Rattus ratus, R. norvegicus, Arvicanthis niloticus and Gerbillus gerbillus. Protospirura muris and P. marsupialis have also been collected from A. niloticus, R. rattus and R. norvegicus but P.(More)
Three species belonging to genus Cystocephalus, Schneider 1886 were found parasitizing three coleoptra hosts. Out of 105 Blaps polychresta, only one male was infected with C. algerianus and females were parasites free. Ten percent of examined Pimelia angulata Ten percent of examined Pimelia angulata (n = 30) were infected with the same parasite. Among are(More)
Pairing of male schistosomes in the liver of infected hamsters was recorded with Egyptians S. mansoni strain. The homospecific male pairs never carried each other in the gynaecophoric duct, but they being closed in either central or hepatic veins. Other perfused males and females en copula showed normal mating behaviour. The paired males were more or less(More)
The term immunity signifies all those properties of the host which confer resistance to a specific infectious agent. This resistance may be of all degrees ranging from complete to incomplete susceptibility. The defensive functions is performed by various cellular and humoral components which interact with each other producing a co-ordinated immune response(More)
A single case of severe hydatidosis in a liver of a Najdi sheep was studied. The estimated age of animal was 1.5 years and the liver was infected with 29 cysts and their diameters ranged from 4.0 mm to 5.1 cm. Cysts with diameter less than 10 mm were immature and those more than 1.5 cm were fertile and developed protroscoleces. Harvested protroscolices(More)
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  • Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
  • 2008
Out of 328 specimens of the land snail Monacha obstructa, 105 (32%) were infected with a new metacercaria belonging to the genus Brachylaima Dujardin 1843. The present snail is considered as a new host for this parasite in Egypt. Morphological and morphometric patterns were elucidated. Number of recovered infective metacercariae ranged between 4-35 per(More)
Four species of the genus Stylocephalus Ellis, 1912 were recorded and described from beetles in El Fayoum Governorate; S. longicollis, S. phalloides, S. variabilis and S. eastoni. Both S. phalloides and S. variabilis were recorded in Zophosis sp. and Pimelia angulata, respectively for the first time in Egypt. Out of 105 Blaps polychresta, 18 (17.14%) were(More)
Effect of pairing on susceptibility of male Syrian hamsters to Schistosoma mansoni infection in comparison to their isolated counter-parts have been studied. Pairing resulted in significant differences between paired and isolated hamsters in measurements of eggs, miracidia, number of adult worms recovered and mean testicular number of males. Paired hamsters(More)
The histopathological changes in the kidney of the land snail Monacha obstructa and the histochemistry of the body wall of the parasite were studied. The histological pictures of the infected kidney showed extensive degree of degeneration in the renal tissue with multiple necrotic foci. Due to the mechanical and feeding effects of the parasite, the renal(More)