Amparo Olivares

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OBJECTIVES To determine if canting of the occlusal plane influences esthetic evaluation of the smile among orthodontists, dentists and laypersons. STUDY DESIGN A frontal photo of a smile with 0 occlusal plane canting in relation to the bipupillary plane was modified using Adobe Photoshop C3 (Adobe Systems Inc, San José, California) to generate two images(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the in vitro toxicity of different concentrations of sevoflurane in cells exposed to X-ray. METHODS The genotoxic effects of sevofluorane were studied by means of the micronucleus test in cytokinesis-blocked cells of irradiated human lymphocytes. Subsequently, its cytotoxic effects on PNT2 (normal prostate) cells was determined(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the toxicity of aqueous dilutions of a universal self-priming dental adhesive (DA) and comparing these with those elicited by exposure to ionizing radiation (IR), Zoledronic acid (Z) treatment and the synergic effects of the combined treatment with IR+Z. MATERIAL AND METHODS The genotoxic effect of DA was determined by the increase(More)
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