Amparo Marqués

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The role of lipids in the effect of ethanol on synaptosomal (Na + K)ATPase was studied using native and partially delipidized synaptosomal membranes from control and alcoholic rats. A biphasic effect of alcohol was observed with the (N + K)ATPase from control membranes. Ethanol at low concentrations (less than 100 mM) appears to enhance the enzyme activity,(More)
In the present work we have analyzed, using immunoblotting and immunofluorescence techniques, the evolution of several cytoskeletal proteins during the development of astrocytes in primary culture. The effect of prenatal exposure to alcohol on these proteins was also evaluated. Microtubular protein α-tubulin decreased approximately 47% from 4 to 7 days(More)
To assess the effect of ethanol on the planar distribution of cholesterol as well as on the surface architecture of presynaptic terminals of rats, synaptosomes isolated from cerebral cortex of rats chronically exposed to alcohol were incubated with filipin, a cytochemical marker for beta-hydroxycholesterol, and analyzed using both conventional (qualitative(More)
In the present work we have analyzed the effect of prenatal ethanol exposure on the activity of several glial marker and functional enzymes during the development of astrocytes isolated from rat brain as well as in primary culture. The activity of marker enzymes glutamine synthetase and butylcholinesterase showed no differences between isolated astrocytes(More)
To investigate whether the proinflammatory activity of intravenously administered albumins is related to their preparation method, we compared bovine albumins obtained by alcohol precipitation and by heat shock. This last procedure produced a notable increase in monocyte adhesion/mm2 in rat carotid endothelium (48 +/- 31, n = 32 rats, vs 7 +/- 6, n = 24(More)
A comparative study of leukocyte adhesion to the endothelium of the thoracic aorta and left carotid artery in rats has been performed after administration of two hyperlipidemic diets for 15 days, proinflammatory agents (thrombin, lipopolysaccharide and zymosan activated serum) and plasma expanders [dextran, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), rat albumin and(More)
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