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Pancreatic islets are neuroendocrine organs that control blood glucose homeostasis. The precise interplay of a heterogeneous group of cell populations (β, α, δ and PP cells) results in the fine-tuned release of counterbalanced hormones (insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and pancreatic polypeptide respectively). Under the premises of detailed knowledge of the(More)
This study describes micro-methods to determine biological parameters in plasma of three strains of mice. Platelet count was significantly different among strains. C57BL/6 mice showed the highest values (988 x 10(3)/microL) and BALB/c the lowest (782 x 10(3)/microL). Fibrinogen levels were 2.55 (C57BL/6), 2.37 (BALB/c) and 2.28 g/L (C3H/He). Some(More)
Integral representations are considered of solutions of the Airy differential equation w ′′−zw=0 for computing Airy functions for complex values of z. In a first method contour integral representations of the Airy functions are written as non-oscillating integrals for obtaining stable representations, which are evaluated by the trapezoidal rule. In a second(More)
In Venezuela, Bothrops snakes are responsible for more than 80% of all recorded snakebites. This study focuses on the biological and hemostatic characteristics of Bothrops isabelae venom along with its comparative characteristics with two other closely related Bothrops venoms, Bothrops atrox and Bothrops colombiensis. Electrophoretic profiles of crude B.(More)
Inequalities satisfied by the zeros of the solutions of second order hypergeometric equations are derived through a systematic use of Liouville transformations together with the application of classical Sturm theorems. This systematic study allows us to improve previously known inequalities and to extend their range of validity as well as to discover(More)
Abstract. Algorithms for the numerical evaluation of the incomplete gamma function ratios P (a, x) = γ(a, x)/Γ(a) and Q(a, x) = Γ(a, x)/Γ(a) are described for positive values of a and x. Also, inversion methods are given for solving the equations P (a, x) = p, Q(a, x) = q, with 0 < p, q < 1. Both the direct computation and the inversion of the incomplete(More)
Integral representations are considered of solutions of the inhomogeneous Airy differential equation w′′ − z w = ±1/π. The solutions of these equations are also known as Scorer functions. Certain functional relations for these functions are used to confine the discussion to one function and to a certain sector in the complex plane. By using steepest descent(More)
Each family of Gauss hypergeometric functions fn = 2F1(a + ε1n, b + ε2n; c + ε3n; z), for fixed εj = 0,±1 (not all εj equal to zero) satisfies a second order linear difference equation of the form Anfn−1 + Bnfn + Cnfn+1 = 0. Because of symmetry relations and functional relations for the Gauss functions, many of the 26 cases (for different εj values) can be(More)
We describe a variety of methods to compute the functions <i>K</i><sub><i>ia</i></sub>(<i>x</i>), <i>L</i><sub><i>ia</i></sub>(<i>x</i>) and their derivatives for real <i>a</i> and positive <i>x</i>. These functions are numerically satisfactory independent solutions of the differential equation <i>x</i><sup>2</sup> <i>w</i>" + <i>xw</i>' +(More)