Ampapathi Ravi Sankar

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The C-linked carbo-beta-peptides, oligomers of a new class of C-linked carbo-beta3-amino acids, have been shown to generate mixed 12/10 and 10/12 helices. The design involves use of "alternating chirality" of the epimeric (at the amine center) monomers to control the stability of these helices. The observation of stable 12/10 helix in a tripeptide and 10/12(More)
The unprecedented formation of 32- and 48-membered macrocycles that inscribe 4 and 6 cystine units, in the peptidation of bis-Boc-cystine with cystine di-OMe is reported.
We describe for the first time the free radical cyclization of enantiomerically pure alkyne-tethered aldehydes obtained from a carbohydrate (6, 7). The synthesis of compounds 6 and 7 obtained from a derivative of D-ribose is reported. These radical precursors have been submitted to cyclization with tributyltin hydride plus azobisisobutyronitrile to yield,(More)
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