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FORM, which was developed at Pohand University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in South Korea, is a systematic method that looks for and captures commonalities and variabilities of a product line in terms of " features ". The results of the analysis are used to develop reusable product line assets (architectures and components). This method includes(More)
The feature oriented method with business component semantics (FORM/BCS) is an extension of the feature oriented reuse method (FORM) developed at Pohan University of Science and Technology in South Korea. It consists of two engineering processes: a horizontal engineering process driven by the FORM domain engineering process and a vertical engineering(More)
FROM/BCS is a promising product line engineering method which has the advantage of integrating variability in software development diagrams or models and to explicitly give variants of variation points. This approach has been proposed to allow transposition of industrial chain production to software world. However, to come closer to the real reduction of(More)
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