Amotz Zahavi

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate long term change in impairment, disability, and health related functional status in patients with severe spasticity who received intrathecal baclofen. METHODS A long term (more than five years) observational longitudinal follow up study assessing 21 patients who received intrathecal baclofen given by programmable pump. Patients had(More)
Structurally similar short peptides often serve as signals in diverse signaling systems. Similar peptides affect diverse physiological pathways in different species or even within the same organism. Assuming that signals provide information, and that this information is tested by the structure of the signal, it is curious that highly similar signaling(More)
In the CNS, minor changes in the concentration of neurotransmitters such as glutamate or dopamine can lead to neurodegenerative diseases. We present an evolutionary perspective on the function of neurotransmitter toxicity in the CNS. We hypothesize that neurotransmitters are selected because of their toxicity, which serves as a test of neuron quality and(More)
Observations on 12 groups comprised of two adult males and one adult female (some included one or two fledglings), tame, individually marked, Arabian babblers ( Turdoides squamiceps) in the rift valley in Israel revealed that the babblers compete to guard. The pattern of guarding and the way by which one sentinel replaces another reflect the dominance(More)
The development of a signaling system requires the evolution of a mechanism for producing signals, receptors and adaptive reactions to the signal. It is reasonable to assume that the evolution of such a system cannot be the consequence of a coordinated set of mutations resulting in a complete signaling system. It is more likely that each component evolved(More)
Occasionally, a grazing gazelle notices the approach of a predatory lion. Rather than immediately taking ight at top speed, she often jumps high in the air several times before eeing. Perhaps these \stots" are warnings to close-by, possibly related, gazelles? If this is the case why is the warning so energetic? Surely evolution would favor less exhausting(More)
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