Amos G. Anderson

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Although the flow construct has been widely studied over the past decade in marketing and related fields, it has proven to be an elusive construct to measure and model. In this paper, we examine two of the most important themes in flow research in the last decade: the conceptualization and measurement of flow in online environments and the marketing(More)
Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) is among the most accurate methods for solving the time independent Schrödinger equation. Unfortunately, the method is very expensive and requires a vast array of computing resources in order to obtain results of a reasonable convergence level. On the other hand, the method is not only easily parallelizable across CPU clusters, but(More)
I am writing in strong support for Lake Charles Exports, LLC (LCE)'s application for authorization to export LNG from Southern Union Company's (SUG) Lake Charles terminal to both free trade and non-free trade agreement countries. Lake Charles Export, LLC is a jointly owned subsidiary of BG Group pic (BG Group) and SUG. Allowing LNG exports should assure(More)
By combining data from two sources, we are able to examine how venture capital fund performance, measured as fund IRR or cash‐on‐cash return, is related to fund outcomes (IPO and acquisition percentages) and abandonment option exercise practices after the fund's initial investment in a venture. We also are able to relate fund performance to the track record(More)
On the following pages, you will find a primary question (and in some cases ancillary questions), reviewed by the United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition (USLSC), the draft consensus recommendation of the USLSC, and the Scientific Review Forms (usually two) that detail the specific evidence upon which the consensus recommendation was based. In most(More)
Microplastics enter the environment as a result of larger plastic items breaking down ('secondary') and from particles originally manufactured at that size ('primary'). Personal care products are an important contributor of secondary microplastics (typically referred to as 'microbeads'), for example in toothpaste, facial scrubs and soaps. Consumers play an(More)
All Rights Reserved iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A doctorate degree does not happen in a vacuum. It starts with a student's vision and utmost commitment. It is then seasoned with the experience, expert advice, inspiration, and guidance of others. I am eternally grateful to my research advisor, Dr. Stephen Quake, who has groomed me to become a first-rate independent(More)
We describe the Dynamic Distributable Decorrelation Algorithm (DDDA) which efficiently calculates the true statistical error of an expectation value obtained from serially correlated data "on-the-fly," as the calculation progresses. DDDA is an improvement on the Flyvbjerg-Petersen renormalization group blocking method (Flyvberg and Peterson, J Chem Phys(More)
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