Amol S. Choudhary

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The novel benzofused phenazine π-conjugated skeleton with a coumarin and isophoron core was synthesized, characterized, and condensed with suitably substituted active methylene compounds by classical Knoevenagel condensation reaction to obtain novel mono-styryl dyes 6a-6d. These novel styryl dyes have hue varying from yellow to violet. The geometries of the(More)
We demonstrate frequency redshifting and blueshifting of dispersive waves at group velocity horizons of solitons in fibers. The tunnelling probability of waves that cannot propagate through the fiber-optical solitons (horizons) is measured and described analytically. For shifts up to two times the soliton spectral width, the waves frequency shift with(More)
We report on the first demonstration of a passively mode-locked, diode-pumped, monolithic Yb:glass channel waveguide laser that incorporates a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. Stable and self-starting mode-locking is achieved in a Fabry-Perot cavity configuration producing a pulse repetition rate up to 4.9 GHz. The shortest pulse duration of 740 fs(More)
We demonstrate passively mode-locked Yb(3+)-doped glass waveguide lasers in a quasi-monolithic configuration with a maximum pulse repetition frequency up to 15.2 GHz. A semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) is used to achieve stable mode-locking around 1050 nm with pulse durations as short as 811 fs and an average power up to 27 mW. Different(More)
In this Letter, we present a passively Q-switched Yb:Y2O3 waveguide laser using evanescent-field interaction with an atmospheric-pressure-chemical-vapor-deposited graphene saturable absorber. The waveguide, pumped by a broad area diode laser, produced an average output power of 456 mW at an absorbed power of 4.1 W. The corresponding pulse energy and peak(More)
An unprecedented Brillouin gain of 44 dB in a photonic chip enables the realization of broadly tunable and reconfigurable integrated microwave photonic filters. More than a decade bandwidth reconfigurability from 30 up to 440 MHz, with a passband ripple <1.9  dB is achieved by tailoring the Brillouin pump. The filter central frequency is continuously tuned(More)
Fabrication, characterization, and laser performance of an Yb:Lu₂O₃ planar waveguide laser are reported. Pulsed laser deposition was employed to grow an 8 µm-thick Yb-doped lutetia waveguide on a YAG substrate. X-ray diffraction was used to determine the crystallinity, and spectroscopic characterization showed the absorption and emission cross-sections were(More)
The first, to the best of our knowledge, Q-switched operation of a pulsed-laser-deposited waveguide laser is presented. A clad Yb:Y(2)O(3) waveguide was Q-switched using an output coupling mirror coated with a single layer of graphene deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition. During continuous-wave operation, a maximum power of 83 mW at a(More)
Continuous wave laser action around 1.9 μm has been demonstrated in a Tm(3+)-doped germanate glass channel waveguide laser fabricated by ion-exchange. Laser action was observed with an absorbed power threshold of only 44 mW and a slope efficiency of up to 6.8% was achieved. Propagation loss at the lasing wavelength was measured to be 0.3 dB/cm. We believe(More)
We report a chip-based true-time-delay unit based on stimulated Brillouin scattering that uses an on-off Brillouin gain of 52 dB to enable 4 ns delay over a bandwidth of 100 MHz and a phase shift of ∼200°. To verify these operations, we use a two-tap microwave filter configuration and observed changes in the free spectral range of the filter and shift in(More)