Amol S. Choudhary

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The novel benzofused phenazine π-conjugated skeleton with a coumarin and isophoron core was synthesized, characterized, and condensed with suitably substituted active methylene compounds by classical Knoevenagel condensation reaction to obtain novel mono-styryl dyes 6a-6d. These novel styryl dyes have hue varying from yellow to violet. The geometries of the(More)
Novel phenazine containing dyes were obtained by the condensation of 5-hydroxybenzo[a]phenazine-6-carbaldehyde and 5-chloro-benzo[a]phenazine-6-carbaldehyde with 1,2-diaminobenzene. The dyes were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, elemental analysis and mass spectra. The UV–vis absorption and fluorescence emission spectra of the dyes were studied in solvents(More)
5-Hydroxybenzo[a]phenazine-6-carbaldehyde was synthesized and condensed with substituted active methylene compounds to obtain four novel phenazine fused coumarin dyes. Solutions of imidazole containing dyes in various solvents exhibited yellow to orange fluorescence while benzothiazole containing dyes showed brilliant bluish green fluorescence. The dyes(More)
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