Amol M Sapkal

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In radar systems and other applications circulator is an important component used for isolation or duplexing. In modern polarimetric radars it is required to transmit vertical and horizontal polarization turn by turn while receive both co and cross polarizations to serve this purpose switching (latching) circulator is inevitable device. Three port junction(More)
Barium titanate/epoxy resin composites have been synthesized and tested for microwave absorption/ transmission. Nanocrystalline barium titanate (BaTiO3 or BT) was synthesized by the hydrothermal method and the composites of BT/epoxy resin were fabricated as thin solid slabs of four different weight ratios. BTwas obtained in the cubic phase with an average(More)
Liver is the largest organ of body, located in the upper left of abdomen and performs various important functions like clearing toxins from the blood, production of blood proteins and bile to help in digestion. However, liver diseases are one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Liver diseases like cysts, hepatitis, tumors need to be detected and(More)
This paper presents simple ultra wideband monocycle pulse generator by SRD and coupled line band pass filter element values for 0.5dB equal ripple. Proposed design deals with generating Gaussian pulse from square waveform as a input then using high order coupled line band pass filter we get ultra wideband monocycle pulse of 6 mv (p-p) of amplitude and pulse(More)
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