Amol Khanapurkar

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The dot com era ushered in a number of industry standard load testing tools. While there is no doubt that these tools have helped improve the quality of IT systems, performance testing in the IT industry is far from steady state. There are still severe gaps between performance test results and production systems performance in IT projects. This paper(More)
Load Testing helps to capture performance at different load levels. It is naïve to assume that application performance at a certain load level may be in the same band that the load testing has pointed out. By introducing small spike for short duration we observed that applications either show resiliency, graceful degradation and recovery or total crash even(More)
Across the various RDBMS vendors Oracle has more than 60% [6] of market share, with a complete feature-rich and secure offering. This has made Oracle as default choice as the database choice for systems of all sizes. There many open source databases as MySQL, PostgreS, etc. which has now evolved into complete feature rich offerings and come with(More)
Performance engineering is a badly needed skill for implementing and running IT systems, but performance engineers are hard to find in the market. This paper presents our experiences in rolling out training and certification in a first level course on performance engineering across a large enterprise. We present data and lessons learned on the nominations(More)
Non-intrusive remote monitoring of data centre services should be such that it does not require (or minimal) modification of legacy code and standard practices. Also, allowing third party agent to sit on every server in a data centre is a risk from security perspective. Hence, use of standard such as SNMPv3 is advocated in this kind of environment. There(More)
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