Amol Katkar

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An important issue in the dissemination of time-varying web data such as sports scores and stock prices is the maintenance of temporal coherency. In the case of servers adhering to the HTTP protocol, clients need to frequently pull the data based on the dynamics of the data and a user's coherency requirements. In contrast, servers that possess push(More)
An increasing fraction of the data disseminated through the the in-ternet is time-varying (i.e., changes frequently). Examples of such data include sports information, news, and financial information such as stock prices. An important issue then is the maintenance of their temporal coherency. A user may be willing to receive sports and news information that(More)
Ovarian masses are common findings in general gynecological practice. Approximately 5%-10% of ovarian malignancies are diagnosed as metastatic tumors. Primary angiosarcoma can arise anywhere in the body and when it arises in the breast, it usually affects women in their 3rd and 4th decades and accounts for one in 1700-2300 cases of primary breast cancer.(More)
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