Amogh Kulkarni

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— Big Data, the analysis of large quantities of data to gain new insight has become a ubiquitous phrase in recent years. Day by day the data is growing at a staggering rate. One of the efficient technologies that deal with the Big Data is Hadoop, which will be discussed in this paper. Hadoop, for processing large data volume jobs uses MapReduce programming(More)
—This paper presents ROSMOD, a model-driven component-based development tool suite for the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROSMOD is well suited for the design, development and deployment of large scale distributed applications on embedded hardware devices. We present the various features of ROSMOD including the modeling language, the graphical user(More)
Cascading outages in power networks cause blackouts which lead to huge economic and social consequences. The traditional form of load shedding is avoidable in many cases by identifying optimal load control actions. However, if there is a change in the system topology (adding or removing loads, lines etc), the calculations have to be performed again. This(More)
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