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\ OX is a Natural Language Processor whose knowledge ran be extended by interaction with a user about these objects. The VOX analyzer uses information obtained in extensibility sessions to analyze novel text. 1.1 EXAMPLES VOX consists of a text analyzer and an extensibility system that share a knowledge base The extensibility system lets the user add(More)
Unlike most natural language processing (NLP) systems, TexUS (Text Understanding System) is being developed as a domain-independent shell, to facilitate the application of language analysis to a variety of tasks and domains of discourse . Our work not only develops robust and generic language analysis capabilities, but also elaborate s knowledge(More)
We describe a novel multi-pass, multistrategy architecture for natural language processing (NLP). The commercial integrated development environment (IDE), VisualText(TM), and the associated NLP++(TM) programming language, as well as derived applications, serve to illustrate the architecture and methodology.
action organization —cici l io n —.name ▪ actor nationality military — assassi n — person .. coemando extremist —kil le a .—eurderr .. . narcotrrr 1 a t tarrorisf rebel ...robber • subversive .. guerrilla attr{ terrorist nouns— guerrill a ▪ terrorist ...thief ...attribute location � misc --scala r — Spanis h thing Figure 3 : Hierarchy Edito r INLET :(More)
Because we are in transition from one system (VOX) to another (INLET), our scores reflect the performance of a very new and incomplete analyzer, as well as a small vocabulary and knowledge base. To be able to participate in MUC3, we implemented only a skimming capability, rather than a full-fledged syntax-driven language analyzer . Considering the statu s(More)
Our MUC4 TexUS system not only incorporates many of the concepts, knowledge, and algorithm s from our MUC3 INLET system, but also represents our first version of a domain-independent end-to-end natural language processing capability. Although we are excited that our system correctly process tex t from the lexical to the discourse level for the first time,(More)
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