Amna Abu Khamidakh

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Ca(2+) signaling is vitally important in cellular physiological processes and various drugs also affect Ca(2+) signaling. Thus, knowledge of Ca(2+) dynamics is important toward understanding cell biology, as well as the development of drug-testing assays. ARPE-19 cells are widely used for modeling human retinal pigment epithelium functions and drug-testing,(More)
OBJECTIVE Computational models of calcium (Ca²⁺) signaling have been constructed for several cell types. There are, however, no such models for retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). Our aim was to construct a Ca²⁺ signaling model for RPE based on our experimental data of mechanically induced Ca²⁺ wave in the in vitro model of RPE, the ARPE-19 monolayer. (More)
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