Ammulu Hari Krishnan

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Inositol derivative compounds provide a nutrient source for soil bacteria that possess the ability to degrade such compounds. Rhizobium strains that are capable of utilizing certain inositol derivatives are better colonizers of their host plants. We have cloned and determined the nucleotide sequence of the myo-inositol dehydrogenase gene (idhA) of(More)
Soybeans contain approximately 40% protein and 20% oil and represents an important source of protein in animal rations and human diets. Attempts are being made to increase further the overall protein content of soybeans by utilization of exotic germplasms. In this study, soybean cultivars from Nepal have been characterized and their potential as a germplasm(More)
Soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) protein and oil qualities, with respect to monogastric nutrition, have been linked to the relative abundance of specific protein subunits and fatty acids, respectively. An analysis of field-grown soybean seeds by near-infrared spectroscopy revealed significant differences in their protein and oil contents as a function of(More)
A gene encoding chitinase from Serratia marcescens BJL200 was cloned into a broad-host-range vector (pRK415) and mobilized into Sinorhizobium fredii USDA191. Chitinolytic activity was detected in S. fredii USDA191 transconjugants that carried the S. marcescens chiB gene. Chitinase-producing S. fredii USDA191 formed nodules on soybean cultivar McCall.(More)
The symbiosis between Sinorhizobium fredii USDA257 and soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] exhibits a high degree of cultivar specificity. USDA257 nodulates primitive soybean cultivars but fails to nodulate agronomically improved cultivars such as McCall. In this study we provide evidence for the involvement of a new genetic locus that controls soybean(More)
Soybeans in general contain 35-40% protein. Efforts are underway to increase further this protein content, thus enhancing their nutritive value. Even though higher protein is a desirable characteristic, whether such an increase will be accompanied by enhanced protein quality is not known. Soybean protein quality could be significantly improved by increasing(More)
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