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Academic Engagement and Commercialisation: A Review of the Literature on University-Industry Relations
A considerable body of work highlights the relevance of collaborative research, contract research, consulting and informal relationships for university–industry knowledge transfer. We present aExpand
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Searching high and low: what types of firms use universities as a source of innovation?
This paper examines the factors that influence whether firms draw from universities in their innovative activities. The link between the universities and industrial innovation, and the role ofExpand
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Innovation in project-based, service-enhanced firms: the construction of complex products and systems
This paper explores the management of innovation within firms producing complex products and systems. It is based on a study of how design, engineering and construction firms develop and produceExpand
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The paradox of openness: Appropriability, external search and collaboration
To innovate, firms often need to draw from, and collaborate with, a large number of actors from outside their organization. At the same time, firms need also to be focused on capturing the returnsExpand
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The Role of Technology in the Shift Towards Open Innovation: The Case of Procter & Gamble
As with all new ideas, the concept of Open Innovation requires extensive empirical investigation, testing and development. This paper analyzes Procter and Gamble's 'Connect and Develop' strategy as aExpand
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The economic benefits of publicly funded basic research: a critical review
This article critically reviews the literature on the economic benefits of publicly funded basic research. In that literature, three main methodological approaches have been adopted — econometricExpand
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Open Innovation: The Next Decade
We review the contribution and evolution of open innovation since the publication of Chesbrough’s 2003 Open Innovation book, and suggest likely directions going forward. We link the articles of thisExpand
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Exploring the Effect of Geographical Proximity and University Quality on University–Industry Collaboration in the United Kingdom
Laursen K., Reichstein T. and Salter A. Exploring the effect of geographical proximity and university quality on university–industry collaboration in the United Kingdom, Regional Studies. This paperExpand
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The impact of entrepreneurial capacity, experience and organizational support on academic entrepreneurship
Although sources and determinants of academic entrepreneurship have begun to command the attention of policy-makers and researchers, there remain many unanswered questions about how individual andExpand
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Measuring third stream activities
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