Ammar Oulamara

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Although there are few efficient algorithms in the literature for scientific workflow tasks allocation and scheduling for heterogeneous resources such as those proposed in grid computing context, they usually require a bounded number of computer resources that cannot be applied in Cloud computing environment. Indeed, unlike grid, elastic computing, such(More)
In this paper, we study permutation flowshop problems with minimal and/or maximal time lags, where the time lags are defined between couples of successive operations of jobs. Such constraints may be used to model various industrial situations, for instance the production of perishable products. We present theoretical results concerning two-machine cases, we(More)
In most manufacturing and distribution systems, semi-finished jobs are transferred from one processing facility to another by transporters such as Automated Guided Vehicles, robots and conveyors, and finished jobs are delivered to warehouses or customers by vehicles such as trucks. This paper investigates two-machine flow shop scheduling problems taking(More)
The problemof scheduling n jobs on an unbounded batchingmachine tominimize a regular objective function is studied. In this problem intervals for job processing times are given. The machine can process any number of jobs in a batch, provided that the processing time intervals of these jobs have a non-empty intersection. The jobs in the same batch start and(More)
Ridesharing is a mobility concept in which a trip is shared by a vehicle’s driver and one or more passengers called riders. Ridesharing is considered as a more environmentally friendly alternative to single driver commutes in pollution-creating vehicles on overcrowded streets. In this paper, we present the core of a new strategy of the ridesharing system,(More)
Resources allocation and scheduling has been recognised as an important topic for business process execution. However, despite the proven benefits of using Cloud to run business process, users lack guidance for choosing between multiple offering while taking into account several objectives which are often conflicting. Moreover, when running business(More)
The Cloud computing paradigm is adopted for its several advantages like reduction of cost incurred when using a set of resources. Despite the many proven benefits of using a Cloud infrastructure to run business processes, it is still faced with a major problem that can compromise its success: the lack of guidance for choosing between multiple offerings. To(More)