Ammar Odeh

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Classical cryptography is based on the computational difficulty to compute the secret key using the current computing systems. Depending only on the difficulty of computational complexity does not provide enough security because finding a fast method to calculate the secret key will compromise the security of the systems. Quantum computing uses the law of(More)
This paper aims to solve the security issues between two parties communicating through a Quantum channel. One of the most effective factors in Quantum cryptography is the trust between two or more parties. Communication parties need to verify the authenticity of each other and who they claim to be. The proposed model introduces a trusted center as a new(More)
The need for secure communications has significantly increased with the explosive growth of the internet and mobile communications. The usage of text documents has doubled several times over the past years especially with mobile devices. In this paper, we propose a new steganography algorithm for Unicode language (Arabic). The algorithm employs some Arabic(More)
To search for an element in an unsorted database, it requires O(N) operations using classical computers, where it takes only O(√ N) operations in quantum systems. In this paper, we provide an in-depth look at the existing quantum searching algorithms and emphasize the quantum entanglement feature to propose a new technique for sorting N elements and(More)
Extensive use of wireless networks in different fields increases the need to improve their performance, as well as minimize the amplitude of loss messages. Device mobility, where there is no standard topology that can be applied or fixed routing that can be designed, is a topic that received recent attention in wireless networks. In a Mobile Ad Hoc Network(More)
Quantum algorithms have gained a lot of consideration especially for the need of searching unsorted database in a faster way rather than using the classical search mechanisms. This paper introduces a new quantum sort algorithm by employing the quantum features to expedite the searching process in conventional environments. The proposed efficient sorting(More)
This paper investigates eight novel Steganography algorithms employing text file as a carrier file. The proposed model hides secret data in the text file by manipulating the font format or inserting special symbols in the text file. Furthermore, the suggested algorithms can be applied to both Unicode and ASCII code languages, regardless of the text file(More)
Quantum algorithms have gained a lot of consideration especially for the need to find out the extreme values like minimum or maximum. This paper introduces novel quantum algorithms to figure out the minimum and the maximum numbers among a set of positive integer numbers by employing some of the quantum features such as superposition, entanglement, and(More)
Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a radio access technology. It is a standard cellular network that enables mobile transmission of streaming high definition video in real time. This paper analyzes the development and LTE performance in streaming multimedia through an analysis of the video transmission package performance. Furthermore, we examined the influence(More)