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Today, one of the most engaging challenges for mobile operators is the question how to manage the data traffic in mobile networks which is increasing exponentially; mainly due to the growing popularity of applications for mobile devices. Mobile data offloading represents the idea of cost-efficient technology to release the overloaded parts of RAN in(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept for telecommunication development. The IoT and things determinations are considering in accordance the ITU-T recommendations. The Ubiquitous sensor Network (USN) is one of the general IoT components. The traffic models for such network should be studied well. The USN traffic models study results for image(More)
The paper proposes to use a solution based on software-defined networks (SDN) to control traffic flows in wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi). The paper examines the testing methods for a software-configurable wireless local area network based on the model network of the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Classify traffic based on DSCP(More)
The Smart City as a concept of future cities anticipates the smart and efficient traffic management. Current situation of traffic management did not offer a sufficient solution and it is not wise to use the current technology to improve the traffic situation on the city roads. This paper deals with advanced methods for optimization, the genetic algorithms,(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a vision of a future communication between users, systems, and daily objects performing sensing and actuating capabilities with the goal to bring unprecedented convenience and economical benefits. Today, a wide variety of developed solutions for IoT can be seen through the all industry fields. Each of the developed(More)