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Today, one of the most engaging challenges for mobile operators is the question how to manage the data traffic in mobile networks which is increasing exponentially; mainly due to the growing popularity of applications for mobile devices. Mobile data offloading represents the idea of cost-efficient technology to release the overloaded parts of RAN in(More)
The Smart City as a concept of future cities anticipates the smart and efficient traffic management. Current situation of traffic management did not offer a sufficient solution and it is not wise to use the current technology to improve the traffic situation on the city roads. This paper deals with advanced methods for optimization, the genetic algorithms,(More)
Tactile Internet requires a round trip latency of 1ms, which considered being the main challenge with the system realization. Forced by recent development and capabilities of the fifth generation (5G) cellular system, the Tactile Internet will become a real. One way to overcome the 1ms latency is to employ a centralized controller in the core of the network(More)