Ammar Khellaf

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A nonlinear-noise filtering method for image processing, based on the entropy concept is developed and compared to the well-known median filter and to the center weighted median filter (CWM). The performance of the proposed method is evaluated through subjective and objective criteria. It is shown that this method performs better than the classical median(More)
Multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MAD) can induce a spectrum of diseases of various severities: the more severe phenotype is glutaric aciduria type II (GAII) and the less severe is ethylmalonic-adipic aciduria (EMA). Survival beyond the newborn period in GAII cases is unusual. The molecular defect involves deficient electron transferring(More)
Designing an effective criterion and learning algorithm for find the best structure is a major problem in the control design process. In this paper, the fuzzy optimal control methodology is applied to the design of the feedback loops of an Exothermic Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor system. The objective of design process is to find an optimal(More)
The chemiluminescence (CL) response of normal peripheral blood polymorphonuclear cells (PMN) in ascitic fluids (cirrhotic = 32; malignant = 17) was studied independently of the ascitic fluid complement activity. CL response and fibronectin levels were higher in malignant ascitic fluid than in cirrhotic ascitic fluid (p less than 0.001). Addition of pure(More)
As the choice of the communications protocol for a given application represents one of the most significant tasks in the development of information technical solutions, this article focuses on the high level open protocol of SCADA systems: PUR 2.4, as well as its implementation and the design of a RTU TESTER and the conception of a RTU.
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