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We report Langerhans cell (LC) histiocytosis in a male infant who developed numerous papular lesions on the trunk and posterior scalp soon after birth and spontaneously recovered from the disease within 7 months. Histologically S-100-positive cells were detected in the epidermis and papillary dermis, in some lesions mostly in the epidermis. Tumor cells in(More)
The watermarking is a digital process that preserves copyright and ownership of digital media such as audio, video, and images. This process depends on hiding a digital signature in a carrier signal where this signature has to be related to the original signal. In this paper we develop a simple watermarking method operating in the frequency domain for(More)
This paper introduces a strategy, a user model, and a methodology for utilising adaptive hypermedia in performance support domain and specifically for fault diagnosis. This utilisation is implemented by employing task-specific and user-centred hypermedia which allows supporting content to be synchronized with the diagnostic expert system inference process.(More)
Universities all over the world have many buildings and facilities distributed inside and outside of their campus location, and they are used by students for different reasons such as academic, entertainment, services, etc. These may include faculty buildings, cafés, libraries, restaurants and others. For newly registered students and even current students,(More)
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