Ammar H. Alhusaini

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A major challenge in Metacomputing Systems (Computational Grids) is to effectively use their shared resources, such as compute cycles, memory, communication network, and data repositories, to optimize desired global objectives. In this paper we develop a unified framework for resource scheduling in metacomputing systems where tasks with various requirements(More)
In this paper, we study a general mapping problem where a set of independent tasks compete for the shared resources of a Grid environment. Tasks have resource co-allocation requirements. Each task requires multiple and different resources to be allocated simultaneously. At run-time, a task may release its allocated resources during its execution and before(More)
The Management System for Heterogeneous Networks (MSHN) is a resource management system for use in heterogeneous environments. This paper describes the goals of MSHN, its architecture, and both completed and ongoing research experiments. MSHN's main goal is to determine the best way to support the execution of many different applications, each with its own(More)
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