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Purpose. We evaluated the effectiveness and safety of tamsulosin, solifenacin, and combination of both in reducing double-J stent-related lower urinary symptoms. Materials and Methods. A total of 338 patients with double-J ureteral stenting were randomly divided, postoperatively, into 4 groups. In group I (n = 84), no treatment was given (control group),(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the clearance of lower caliceal stones (LCSs) after shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) using a combination of intra-operative forced diuresis and inversion therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and fifty-seven consecutive patients with symptomatic, single LCSs of 5-20 mm size were prospectively randomized into two groups. The first(More)
In an attempt to evaluate the effect of bilharziasis on bladder contractility as a factor in the genesis of voiding disorders, 44 cases of bilharzial bladder neck obstruction diagnosed using traditional methods (symptomatological, radiographic, and endoscopic) were subjected to complete urodynamic evaluation (flowmetry, cystometry, pressure/flow study, and(More)
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