Ammar El Falou

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—In this paper, exact diversity-multiplexing trade-off (DMT) at finite signal to noise ratio (SNR) for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems with dual antennas at the transmitter (2 × Nr) and/or at the receiver (Nt × 2) is derived over Rayleigh fading channels. We derive the outage probability of the mutual information between transmitted and(More)
–This paper studies the radio capacity improvement provided by an HSPA+ key feature, dual-cell, combined with MIMO. The proposed method combines drive test measurements, link-level simulations, and a queuing theory-based statistical capacity model, thereby providing a reliable estimate of the network radio capacity. Simulation results show that dual cell(More)
We investigate applying an error correcting code of small block size to enhance the performance of key generation from wireless channels. A trade-off between performance and secrecy is then studied. Preliminary results show that using a simple lower quantization approach achieves better performance than applying a small block size BCH code.