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Online is checked for eligibility for copyright before being made available in the live archive. URLs from City Research Online may be freely distributed and linked to from other web pages. Enquiries If you have any enquiries about any aspect of City Research Online, or if you wish to make contact with the author(s) of this paper, please email the team at(More)
Popularity of Android smart phone has led to exponential increase of sophisticated malware threats prompting the academia research, security researchers and Anti Virus (AV) industry to look for smart detection methods to protect user against malware app threat. Statistical signature methods play a vital role to stop the malware authors spreading malicious(More)
Android Smartphone popularity has increased malware threats forcing security researchers and AntiVirus (AV) industry to carve out smart methods to defend Smartphone against malicious apps. Robust signature based solutions to mitigate threats become necessary to protect the Smartphone and confidential user data. In this paper we present AndroSimilar, a(More)
Popularity and growth of Android mobile devices has paved the way for exploiting popular apps using various Dalvik byte code transformation methods. Testing the antimalware techniques against obfuscation identifies the need of proposing effective detection methods. In this paper, we explore the resilience of anti-malware techniques against transformations(More)
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