Ammar B. Kouki

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—MIMO channel capacity may be severely degraded due to correlation between individual sub-channels of the matrix channel. Several models, which are limited to some specific scenarios , have been developed to date to account for this effect. In this letter, we derive a new upper bound on the mean (ergodic) MIMO capacity, which is not limited to a particular(More)
—It has recently been demonstrated that zero correlation of a random multiple-input multiple-output channel is not a guarantee of its high capacity. Degenerate channels exist, which have zero correlation and still low capacity. In this letter, we provide a statistical analysis of this phenomenon, formulate the general condition for a channel to be(More)
A universal upper bound on the MIMO architecture capacity, which is not limited to a particular scenario, is derived in this paper using the correlation matrix approach and the Jensen's inequality. This bound accounts for both transmit and receive branch correlation in such a way that the impact of these branches can be estimated separately, which(More)
Implantable medical devices have been implemented to provide treatment and to assess in vivo physiological information in humans as well as animal models for medical diagnosis and prognosis, therapeutic applications and biological science studies. The advances of micro/nanotechnology dovetailed with novel biomaterials have further enhanced biocompatibility,(More)
Numerous engineering fields are nowadays dealing with complex systems. The analysis, design, testing and maintenance of such systems are crucial challenges. For this purpose, the OMG proposed SysML, an extension of UML, in order to address the issues of modeling complex systems in different engineering domains. This standard enables the elaboration of(More)