Ammanamanchi Srinivasa Murthy

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Perceived quality of signal is degraded by the presence of additive noises. Hence we regard removal of these noises as quality improvement of the signal. There are many works in literature addressing this issue using adaptive filters. To this end Kalman filter and Extended Kalman filter are applied to the signals successfully in earlier works. But in these(More)
Presents a novel and efficient genetic approach for finding maximal cliques in a graph. A binary alphabet has been chosen to represent the presence or absence of nodes in a subgraph. The approach is to start with an initial population having small sized graphs, and then to effectively generate larger ones using a new crossover mechanism called `partial copy(More)
Performance of three manually operated weeders was evaluated from ergonomics and mechanical considerations. Three operators were selected for laboratory and field trials; they represented the 5th, 50th and 95th percentiles of the operator population. Laboratory tests were conducted in a psychometric chamber to study physiological response under varying load(More)
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