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An Overview of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon and Its Socio-Economic Impact
The arrival of more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon since 2011 has created dramatic demographic pressure on a country that was already home to about half a million of Palestinian and IraqiExpand
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The Syrian Refugee Policy of the Jordanian Government
This chapter analyses the Jordanian governmental response(s) to the Syrian refugee crisis. It argues that, because of the uncertainty of the Syrian civil war, the kingdom relied on temporary andExpand
Syria vs. Iraq: Clash of Authoritarians
The Kurdish Cause in Iraq: From the Second Republic to the Fall of Kirkuk (2003–2018)
This chapter is on relations between the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) and the Iraqi central government from 2003 until 2018. After more than a decade since the establishment of the federalExpand
Syro-Iraqi relations : the puzzle of the perpetual rivalry
This thesis investigates and analyses the puzzle concerning the constant hostility between ‎Syria and Iraq. Empirical and experimental examinations show that while pan-Arabism played ‎a secondaryExpand
The state fights back