Amjad Mahmood

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The phenomenal growth of the World Wide Web has brought huge increase in the traffic to the popular web sites. Long delays and denial of service experienced by the end-users, especially during the peak hours, continues to be the common problem while accessing popular sites. Replicating some of the objects at multiple sites in a distributed web-server(More)
Object replication is a well-known technique to improve performance of a distributed Web server system. This paper first presents an algorithm to group correlated Web objects that are most likely to be requested by a given client in a single session so that they can be replicated together, preferably, on the same server. A centralized object replication(More)
The rapid growth of the World Wide Web has brought huge increase in traffic to popular web sites. As a consequence, end users often experience poor response time or denial of service. A cluster of multiple servers that behaves like a single host can be used to improve the throughput and alleviate the server bottlenecks. To achieve such a cluster, we need(More)
In this study, mouth-disintegrating tablets of atenolol and atorvastatin combination were formulated using superdisintegrants to impart fast disintegration. Fifteen formulations were prepared based on different concentrations of two superdisintegrants, croscarmellose sodium and Kyron-T134. Three different techniques such as direct compression, effervescent(More)