Amjad M. Daoud

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U biquitous in areas including artificial intelligence, data structures, database management, file processing , and information retrieval is the need to access items based on the value of a key. Classification systems use descrip-tors of various types, identifiers of myriad forms are assigned to items, and names for objects are commonplace. While various(More)
Rapid access to information is essential for a wide variety of retrieval systems and applications. Hashing has long been used when the fastest possible direct search is desired, but is generally not appropriate when sequential or range searches are also required. This paper describes a hashing method, developed for collections that are relatively static,(More)
The full integration of information retrieval (IR) features into a database management system (DBMS) has long been recognized as both a significant goal and a challenging undertaking. By full integration we mean: i) support for document storage, indexing, retrieval, and update, ii) transaction semantics, thus all database operations on documents have the(More)
Since 1986 we have investigated the problems and possibilities of applying modern information retrieval methods to large online public access library catalogs (OPACs). In the Retrieval Experiment—Virginia Tech OnLine Catalog (REVTOLC) study we carried out a large pilot test in 1987 and a larger, controlled investigation in 1990, with 216 users and(More)
We describe the design and implementation of the SMARTER prototype system for collecting, structuring and searching information derived from full text ebooks available on the World Wide Web [4]. Standard methods of parsing and extended Boolean schemes for weighting are used to build an index of individual pages. Ranked pages are retrieved from the system by(More)