Amjad F. Almatrood

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The applications of digital circuits are well known in all walks of life. In this paper the procedure for the development of Nano digital circuits is given. The procedure requires the Boolean function realization for the application in mind. The proposed technique works for any Boolean Function. The Boolean functions are written in the form of Exclusive OR,(More)
With the increasing use of mobile phones, internet and other electronic devices, it is important to get a safe electronic transmission between two nodes of a network. In this paper a new definition of terminal electromagnetic compatibility (TEMC) is proposed. This definition is similar to the reliability of computer communication networks using Boolean(More)
There is an increasing interest in the development of nano digital circuits for molecular medicine. Several authors have analyzed some human body operations as equivalent to simple nano gates and their connections. The objective of this paper is to suggest an approach by which any human body function can be represented in the form of truth table. The(More)
Recently a great deal of interest has been shown by researchers on developing a bio-molecule based computer. The basic building blocks of such a computer are arithmetic units and memory. These units can be designed using Boolean logic gates as in the case of electronic circuits. Instead of using silicon based technology, Boolean logic gates can be generated(More)
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