Amjad A Shaikh

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Chitosan was prepared from shrimp processing waste (shell) using the same chemical process as described for the other crustacean species with minor modification in the treatment condition. The physicochemical properties, molecular weight (165394g/mole), degree of deacetylation (75%), ash content as well as yield (15%) of prepared chitosan indicated that(More)
The present investigation described the effective preparation of glucosamine hydrochloride (GluHCl) from chitin which was extracted from indigenous shrimp shell. GluHCl has attracted much attention owing to its therapeutic activity in osteoarthritis and widely used dietary supplement. The key step involved was extraction of chitin from shrimp skeleton and(More)
Salinity is one of the major threats facing the cultivation of field crops. The response of six rice (Oryza sativus L.) genotypes to different sodium chloride levels; 0, 40, 60, 80 and100 mM were investigated at early seedling stages. Among the tested genotypes IR 66946-3 R-178-1-1 and IR 84675-58-4-1-B-B are the tolerant genotypes had the potential to(More)
In this paper, mechanical behavior of polyester with varying parameters of curing were investigated. Binder content, accelerator content, temperature and time were ascertained as parameters during curing of polyester specimens. Three levels of each parameter were selected and taguchi techniques are implemented. It was observed that curing time and binder(More)
—In this work, we modeled a system of two fluids of different densities contained in an open boundary. A jet injection of a lighter fluid is introduced at suitable location to the system. The injection velocity of the jet influenced the surface of the fluid contained in the system. This heavier fluid surface deformation is investigated in terms of relation(More)
Cobaloxime complexes of the type [CoCl(DMGH)2(L)], where DMGH = dimethylglyoxime monoanion, L = tri-ethanolamine and 1,10phenanthroline, were synthesized. The compounds were formulated on the basis of cobalt and chloride contents, IR and UV-visible spectral analyses and magnetic moment measurement. Cyclic voltammetric technique was also employed to(More)
In the oil and gas industry, high pressure long distance pipe lines are widely used for efficient and effective movement of natural gas, oil and other petroleum products. The gases are transported at extremely high operating pressures that can range from 200 to 1600 PSI depending on the size and length of the line pipe. For operating safety, Hydrostatic(More)
The reaction of thiamine.HCl (ThHCl) with K2Cr2O7 has been studied in aqueous solution at room temperature. The compound obtained is ionic 1 : 1 in which thiamine is present as a cation and Cr2O7 as an anion. The chemical formula of the salt, (C12H18N4OS) (Cr2O7) (symbolically ThHCr2O7), has been established by elemental analysis, IR and UV/Vis spectra,(More)