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A Reputation-Based Announcement Scheme for VANETs
This work proposes a novel announcement scheme for VANETs based on a reputation system that allows evaluation of message reliability and presents a secure and efficient scheme that is robust and fault tolerant against temporary unavailability of the central server. Expand
A certificateless anonymous authenticated announcement scheme in vehicular ad hoc networks
This paper proposes a new protocol by using certificateless signature and reputation system to achieve the sometimes contradictory requirements of a reliable, private and accountable vehicular ad hoc network message announcement scheme. Expand
Anonymous authenticated announcement schemes in vehicular ad hoc networks
The system and security model of an announcement scheme in VANETs is defined and some related existing schemes in the literature which are based on (i) threshold mechanism and (ii) trust and reputation-based models are analyzed. Expand
Revocation Protocol for Group Signatures in VANETs: A Secure Construction
This paper addresses the problem of revocation issues associated with group signature-based schemes in VANETs by constructing a revocation protocol that can securely and efficiently solve the issue of revocation in group signature schemes. Expand
Trace Me If You Can: An Unlinkability Approach for Privacy-Preserving in Social Networks
Two new schemes satisfying unlinkability notions, namely MinSwap and δ-MinSwapX are proposed to address edge weight disclosure, link disclosure and identity disclosure problems in publishing weighted network data. Expand