Amiyaal Ilany

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Contact patterns among hosts are considered as one of the most critical factors contributing to unequal pathogen transmission. Consequently, networks have been widely applied in infectious disease modeling. However most studies assume static network structure due to lack of accurate observation and appropriate analytic tools. In this study we used high(More)
Animal social network is the key to understand many ecological and epidemiological processes. We used real-time location system (RTLS) to accurately track cattle position, analyze their proximity networks, and tested the hypothesis of temporal stationarity and spatial homogeneity in these networks during different daily time periods and in different areas(More)
1. Recent studies of animal social networks have significantly increased our understanding of animal behavior, social interactions, and many important ecological and epidemiological processes. However, most of the studies are at low temporal and spatial resolution due to the difficulty in recording accurate contact information. 2. Domestic animals such as(More)
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