Amiya Ranjan Bhowmick

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Incidence of cholera outbreak is a serious issue in underdeveloped and developing countries. In Zimbabwe, after the massive outbreak in 2008-09, cholera cases and deaths are reported every year from some provinces. Substantial number of reported cholera cases in some provinces during and after the epidemic in 2008-09 indicates a plausible presence of(More)
4 In this article, we propose a general predator-prey system with prey subject to Allee effects and disease with the following unique features: (i) Allee effects built in the reproduction process of prey where infected prey (I-class) has no contribution; (ii) Consuming infected prey would contribute less or negatively to the growth rate of predator(More)
4 Allee effects and parasitism are common biological phenomena observed in nature, which are believed to have significant impacts in ecological conservation programs. In this article, we investigate the population dynamics of host-parasitoid systems with Allee effects induced by predation satiation in host to study the effects of Allee effects and(More)
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