Amity Cree Campbell

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This study aimed to find the most appropriate marker location, or combination thereof, for the centre of the humeral head (Wang et al. in J Biomech 31: 899–908, 1998) location representation during humeral motion. Ten male participants underwent three MRI scans in three different humeral postures. Seven technical coordinate systems (TCS) were defined from(More)
Identification of the centre of the glenohumeral joint (GHJ) is essential for three-dimensional (3D) upper limb motion analysis. A number of convenient, yet un-validated methods are routinely used to estimate the GHJ location in preference to the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) recommended methods. The current study developed a new regression(More)
Tennis stroke mechanics have attracted considerable biomechanical analysis, yet current filtering practice may lead to erroneous reporting of data near the impact of racket and ball. This research had three aims: (1) to identify the best method of estimating the displacement and velocity of the racket at impact during the tennis serve, (2) to demonstrate(More)
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