Amity Campbell

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine the effects of active workstation designs on speed and error during typing, mouse pointing, and combined type and mouse-use tasks. BACKGROUND Office ergonomics has focused on musculoskeletal disorder prevention; however, increasing computer-based work also increases health risks associated with inactivity.(More)
Sit-to-stand (STS) is a functional dynamic task, requiring movement of the lumbar spine, however, little is known about whether regional differences or between-gender differences exist during this task. The aim of this study was to confirm whether kinematic differences existed within regions of the lumbar spine during STS and also to determine whether(More)
This study aimed to assess changes in bowling technique and lumbar load over the course of a bowling spell in adolescent fast bowlers, and to investigate the relationship between lumbar loads during fast bowling and kinematic factors which have previously been associated with low back injury. Three-dimensional motion analysis was carried out on forty(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to identify modifiable mechanisms associated with low back injury in adolescent cricket fast bowlers. DESIGN A prospective study design examined the association between intrinsic risk factors, workload, bowling kinematics, lumbar load and low back injury incidence. METHODS Twenty-five injury free fast bowlers, aged 14-19(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to quantify and compare lumbar region kinetics in kick and flat serves performed by elite, adolescent male players with and without a history of low back pain (LBP). Lumbar region kinematics, as well as racquet velocity and the position of the ball at impact, was described to facilitate kinetic data interpretation. METHODS Twenty(More)
Active virtual games (AVG) may facilitate gross motor skill development, depending on their fidelity. This study compared the movement patterns of nineteen 10-12 yr old children, while playing table tennis on three AVG consoles (Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, Sony Move) and as a real world task. Wrist and elbow joint angles and hand path distance and speed were(More)
Many factors are associated with low back pain (LBP), including provocative spinal postures. Consequently, lumbo-pelvic posture is commonly assessed in LBP patients. A novel wireless monitor (BodyGuard™) can monitor lumbo-pelvic sagittal plane movements reliably, and has demonstrated concurrent validity during non-functional tasks. This study evaluated the(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the accuracy and variability of an electromagnetic device in measuring spinal kinematics on a traditional and replica rowing ergometer. Kinematic data collected from the 3-Space Fastrak system using a Standard Concept II ergometer were compared with a replica ergometer that was in part, composed of non-ferrous materials(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to develop a translation equation to enable comparison between Actical and ActiGraph GT3X accelerometer counts recorded minute by minute. METHODS Five males and five females of variable height, weight, body mass index and age participated in this investigation. Participants simultaneously wore an Actical and an ActiGraph(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional investigation. BACKGROUND There is some evidence that interventions directed to improving back muscle endurance (BME) in adolescents are effective in reducing low back pain, with anecdotal evidence of improved performance. However, the mechanisms responsible for this improvement remain unclear. OBJECTIVE To identify the(More)