Amitha R. Gomes

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The dwarf planet Eris is a trans-Neptunian object with an orbital eccentricity of 0.44, an inclination of 44 degrees and a surface composition very similar to that of Pluto. It resides at present at 95.7 astronomical units (1 AU is the Earth-Sun distance) from Earth, near its aphelion and more than three times farther than Pluto. Owing to this great(More)
This study investigated the current status of clinical mastitis among dairy cattle in and around Bangalore. The prevalence of mastitis was assessed by the results of bacteriological evaluation of milk samples collected from clinical mastitis cases. A total of seventy five bacterial isolates were recovered from sixty clinical cases of mastitis affected cows.(More)
Subclinical mastitis (SCM) represents a major proportion of the burden of mastitis. Determining somatic cell count (SCC) and electrical conductivity (EC) of milk are useful approaches to detect SCM. In order to correlate grades of SCM with the load of five major mastitis pathogens, 246 milk samples from a handful of organized and unorganized sectors were(More)
Peste des petitis ruminants (PPR) is an economically important endemic viral disease of sheep and goats in India, where several different homologous PPR vaccine candidates have been developed. We evaluated the serological response to two vaccine strains, Arasur/87 and Sungri/96, in South Indian cross-bred and native sheep and goats reared under organized(More)
A retrospective study on the epidemiology of foot and- mouth disease (FMD) in Karnataka, India between the years 1977 and 2012-13 based on the data collected through passive and active surveillance was undertaken. A total of 11,159 outbreaks with 0.271 million cases of FMD were recorded from 30 different revenue districts of Karnataka. There was a(More)
We consider (4, 1)-dimensional branes constructed with two scalar fields φ and χ coupled to a Dirac spinor field by means of a general Yukawa coupling. The equation of motion for the coefficients of the chiral decomposition of the spinor in curved spacetime leads to a Schödinger-like equation whose solutions allow to obtain the masses of the fermionic(More)
We investigate a system described by two real scalar fields coupled with gravity in (4, 1) dimensions in warped spacetime involving one extra dimension. The results show that the parameter which controls the way the two scalar fields interact induces the appearence of thick brane which engenders internal structure, driving the energy density to localize(More)
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