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Hydrogels have emerged as a versatile class of polymeric materials with a wide range of applications in biomedical sciences. The judicious choice of hydrogel precursors allows one to introduce the necessary attributes to these materials that dictate their performance towards intended applications. Traditionally, hydrogels were fabricated using either(More)
Asymmetric reduction of ketimines with trichlorosilane can be catalysed by the Lewis-basic N-methylvaline-derived formamide anchored to a soluble dendron () with good enantioselectivity (</=94% ee) and low catalyst loading (typically 5 mol%) at room temperature in toluene. This protocol represents an improvement and simplification of the isolation procedure(More)
A simple strategy to insert functional dendrons at precise positions along a linear polymer backbone is reported. Sequence controlled copolymerization of styrene and polyester dendrons containing a maleimide unit at their focal points was utilized to yield such polymers.
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