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How Ideas Spread: Whose Norms Matter? Norm Localization and Institutional Change in Asian Regionalism
Questions about norm diffusion in world politics are not simply about whether and how ideas matter, but also which and whose ideas matter. Constructivist scholarship on norms tends to focus on “hard”Expand
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Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia: ASEAN and the Problem of Regional Order
Introduction: Security Communities and ASEAN in Theoretical Perspective 1. Constructing Security Communities 2. The Evolution of ASEAN Norms and the Emergence of the 'ASEAN Way' 3. ASEAN and theExpand
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Global International Relations (IR) and Regional Worlds
The discipline of International Relations (IR) does not reflect the voices, experiences, knowledge claims, and contributions of the vast majority of the societies and states in the world, and oftenExpand
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Ideas, identity, and institution‐building: From the ‘ASEAN way’ to the ‘Asia‐Pacific way'?
Abstract This article examines the extent to which the development of multilateral institutions in the Asia‐Pacific region may be viewed as an exercise in identity‐building. It argues thatExpand
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Why is there no non-Western international relations theory? An introduction
In Section 1, we outline the conceptual framework, rationale, and objectives of the Special Issue. Next, we clarify what we mean by ‘international relation theory (IRT)’, which would serve as theExpand
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The Emerging Regional Architecture of World Politics
This article examines the importance of regions in shaping world order. Reviewing two recent books that claim that the contemporary world order is an increasingly regionalized one, the author arguesExpand
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Human Security
Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; on leave as Professor of Political Science at York University, Toronto.Expand
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The End of American World Order
Tables vi Abbreviations vii Acknowledgments ix 1 A Multiplex World 1 2 The Rise and Fall of the Unipolar Moment 12 3 The Myths of Liberal Hegemony 33 4 Emerging Powers: The Hype of the Rest? 59 5Expand
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Dialogue and Discovery: In Search of International Relations Theories Beyond the West
Scholars of International Relations (IR) increasingly realise that their discipline, including its theories and methods, often neglects voices and experiences outside of the West. But how do weExpand
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The Quest for Identity: International Relations of Southeast Asia
This text seeks to provide an understanding of Southest Asia as a region, the problems of statehood faced by the individual countries, and the search for regional order, peace and stability. It alsoExpand
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