Amitash Ojha

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Metaphors based on perceptual similarity are considered to be one of the hallmarks of creativity. We propose here an image-based retrieval system for generating pairs of perceptually similar images. A number of examples of images paired by the system are presented and discussed. Often, these images are conceptually very different, and hence can serve as(More)
This study investigates two questions: first, how individuals with high-intelligence allocate cognitive resources while solving linguistic, mathematical and visuo-spatial tasks with varying degree of difficulty as compared to individuals with low intelligence? Second, how to distinguish between high and low intelligent individuals by analyzing pupil(More)
Coming up with new and creative advertisements is a sophisticated task for humans, because creativity requires breaking conventional associations to create new juxtaposition of familiar objects. Using objects in an uncommon context attracts the viewers attention and is an effective way to communicate a message in advertisements. Perceptual similarity seems(More)
We present our ongoing work on a creativity assistance tool called I-get. The tool is based on the hypothesis that perceptual similarity between a pair of images, at a subconscious level, plays a key role in generating creative conceptual associations and metaphorical interpretations. The tool "I-get" is designed to assist users to create novel ideas and(More)
Recently, there has been tremendous development in education contents for foreign language learning. Based on these trends, IT has provided educational contents development using e-learning and broadcast media. But conventional educational contents are non-interactive presents an impediment to provide user's specific service. To develop a user friendly(More)