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The Spirit of Community: Rights, Responsibilities, and the Communitarian Agenda
emic circles as Amitai Etzioni's latest manifesto on communitarian politics,' which has finally been published in Britain, more than two years after its initial publication in the United States ofExpand
A comparative analysis of complex organizations: On power, involvement, and their correlates
CONTENTS = ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii INTRODUCTION xi I. Compliance as a Comparative Base 3 II. An Analytical Classification: Coercive and Utilitarian Organizations 23 III. An AnalyticalExpand
Mixed-Scanning: A 'Third' Approach to Decision-Making
In the concept of social decision-making, vague commitments of a normative and political nature are translated into specific commitments to one or more specific courses of action. SinceExpand
Voluntary Simplicity: Characterization, Select Psychological Implications, and Societal Consequences
The idea that the over-arching goal of capitalist economies needs to be changed and that achieving ever-higher levels of consumption of products and services is a vacuous goal has been with us fromExpand
The Good Society
This essay explores some of the elements of what makes for a good society - or community - from a communitarian viewpoint, with consideration from a combination of social facts as seen by aExpand
The active society
The modern period ended with the radical transformation of the technologies of communication, knowledge, and energy that followed World War II. A central characteristic of the modern period has beenExpand