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Satellite image classification has been a major research field for many years with its varied applications in the field of Geography, Geology, Archaeology, Environmental Sciences and Military purposes. Many different techniques have been proposed to classify satellite images with color, shape and texture features. Complex indices like Vegetation index(More)
The accuracy and computational speed of ground penetrating radar (GPR) largely rely on the inverse model implemented. In most cases, both accuracy and processing speed cannot be achieved together because of the inherent limitation of modeling GPR signal in complex media. Full wave models (FWMs) are most promising approaches to characterize multilayered(More)
This paper presents a new simple method for miniaturization of the dual-band quadrature hybrid coupler that can operate at two arbitrary frequencies for mobile applications. The proposed miniaturization is achieved by using equivalent high impedance parallel lines in place of low impedance lines. The performance of the proposed coupler is compared with a(More)
This paper features the dynamic modelling of a indigenously developed 3-axis SCARA robot arm which is used for doing successful robotic manipulation task in the laboratory. A 3axis stationary robotic arm was developed in the laboratory. For this robotic system, a in-depth dynamic model of the system was carried out to study the dynamics of the designed and(More)
The full waveform modelling of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) signal is a promising approach to implement GPR system. The complexity of inverting this model is very high. With suitable optimization scheme, it is possible to invert the model with reasonable efficiency and accuracy. This paper implements a full wave inversion method with Genetic Algorithm(More)
Radar scattered time domain response can be modeled by natural poles using singularity expansion method (SEM) in resonance region. In this paper, limitation of the conventional Extinction pulse method is brought out, and a hybrid of conventional Extinction pulse and auto-regressive (AR) method is proposed for robust discrimination of radar targets. A new(More)
Satellite based 'Automatic Identification System' (AIS) for global maritime applications is being highly investigated in recent years. A receiver of such a system receives simultaneous transmissions from different self organized areas, which may lead to collision of information received at satellite; thereby reduce the scope of detection. In this paper we(More)
In the recent past power line communication has emerged as an attractive choice for high speed data transfer and is looked upon as inexpensive and reliable media suitable for broadband internet access, home and office automation, in-vehicle data communication etc. In this paper we present an architecture for the physical layer of a PLC transceiver based on(More)
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