Amitab Nandy

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Populations of Plasmodium falciparum show striking differences in linkage disequilibrium, population differentiation and diversity, but only fragmentary data exists on the genetic structure of Plasmodium vivax. We genotyped nine tandem repeat loci bearing 2-8 bp motifs from 345 P. vivax infections collected from three Asian countries and from five locations(More)
BACKGROUND Relapses originating from hypnozoites are characteristic of Plasmodium vivax infections. Thus, reappearance of parasitemia after treatment can result from relapse, recrudescence, or reinfection. It has been assumed that parasites causing relapse would be a subset of the parasites that caused the primary infection. METHODS Paired samples were(More)
The NAD(+)-dependent 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (PGDH) is a catabolic enzyme that controls the biological activities of prostaglandins by converting them into inactive keto-metabolites. Here we report the genomic organisation of the complete human PGDH gene and characterise its transcriptional regulation. The PGDH gene spans about 31 kb on(More)
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