Amita Kapoor

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We report the design criteria for the use of long period gratings (LPGs) as refractive-index sensors with output power at a single interrogating wavelength as the measurement parameter. The design gives maximum sensitivity in a given refractive-index range when the interrogating wavelength is fixed. Use of the design criteria is illustrated by the design of(More)
Two selected applications of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) are discussed, namely linear in-line amplification in gigabit passive optical networks and fast nonlinear all-optical signal processing. We report on measurements demonstrating the suitability of quantum-dot (QD) and bulk SOA for the respective application areas. For in-line amplification(More)
In this paper we present modifications in the dynamics of Hopfield neural network. We compare our modified retrieval algorithms with both synchronous and asynchronous retrieval algorithms used in Hopfield dynamics. Our results show that a modified Hopfield neural network consisting of a cloud with r number of unique neurons, (in the simulation given in this(More)
This paper proposes use of modified Hopfield neural network to simulate the effect of event sequence on intragroup dynamics. Each node in the network represents an individual, with unique personality; the network as a whole models a group of N number of individuals. The network is subjected to sequence of events in different chronological order, the effect(More)
An approach for the recognition of low resolution grey scale facial images using cloud Hopfield neural network (CHNN) is presented. This approach consists of three steps: first we transform the grey scale facial images into binary facial images using Otsu's method, second Hebb rule is employed to store binary faces in the weight matrix of the network and(More)
This paper amalgamates the field of positive psychology and social network analysis to explore what are the character strengths and virtues of individuals with high centrality measures within a close group of adolescent females. Research in the field of social network analysis in the last few decades has given a good understanding of different centrality(More)
327 Abstract—This paper presents a differential torque based electronic stability control (ESC) for in-wheel electric vehicle (EV). To find a suitable and effective differential torque based ESC, several torque based strategies has been investigated. Analysis has been done here considering parameters used in control, control law, vehicle drive train and(More)
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