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A mobile application for Women's Safety: WoSApp
The safety of women is a concern of increasing urgency in India and other countries. The primary issue in the handling of these cases by the police lies in constraints preventing them from respondingExpand
ARTINALI: dynamic invariant detection for cyber-physical system security
ARTINALI, which mines dynamic system properties by incorporating time as a first-class property of the system, is proposed, which significantly reduces the ratio of false positives and false negatives over other dynamic invariant detection tools. Expand
GCPiN: Group caching for privacy in named data networking
A new approach to enhance the privacy of cached content at each NDN router, while ensuring minimal performance loss is proposed by segregating NDN routers into groups, and maintaining a Distributed Content Store across each group. Expand
In today’s world, women and girls still feel unsafe to travel alone whether it is a day or night. Now-a-days women are been attacked by men irrespective of their ages. Women are facing variousExpand
VirtTorrent: BitTorrent for Inter-VM File Distribution
A mechanism to increase the average speed of inter-VM file distribution in the cloud for VMs on separate physical servers by implementing a BitTorrent-like peer-to-peer (P2P) system, allowing files to be distributed swiftly and with minimal network congestion. Expand